The Ogham Alphabet

Ogham Table

The 20 symbols of the Ogham Alphabet are divided into 4 sets (or aicme) of 5 letters each. Each letter is further represented by a native British tree or shrub.

Each of the 20 buttons below will take you to more information on that particular Ogham, my own personal views on the energy of the Ogham tree, and its unique property and divination meaning.

Try asking yourself a question, focus on the images below, and see which Ogham you are drawn to. Then click the button to see what the Ogham reveals to you.

The Aicme of Beith

1 Birch sml    2 Rowan sml    3 Alder sml       4 Willow sml    5 Ash sml


The Aicme of Huath

1 Hawthorn sml  2 Oak sml   3 Holly sml      4 Hazel sml  5 Apple sml


The Aicme of Muin

1 Bramble sml   2 Ivy sml   3 Fern sml      4 Blackthorn sml  5 Elder sml


The Aicme of Ailm

1 Pine sml    2 Gorse sml   3 Heather sml     4 Aspen sml    5 Yew sml


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