Apple ~ Quert

5 Apple

Vision, physical cleansing, choice

The Apple tree was the first deciduous hardwood tree to be cultivated by Man for its delicious fleshy fruits. Nowadays mostly found in orchards and parks and gardens it can also be found along the edges of woodlands and hedgerows, where it has been naturally seeded by via bird droppings. Like most blossoming fruit trees there needs to be more than one in an area for it to cross-pollinate and to bear fruit. There are many varieties of Apple in Britain these days but the humble wild crab apple is perhaps the earliest variety and the Ancestor of them all. Apples are also used to make the tasty but potent alcoholic drink Cider, which if over-indulged can bring on some of the worst types of hangover!

Working with Apple wood is a joy, for not only does it feel good to handle; both the dark brown waxy outer skin and the smooth heartwood, ranging in colour from pale green-white to honey, when it is fresh or newly seasoned still retains the same scent of apple that the fruit has. Finding a piece with a natural honeysuckle twist is rare and as such I highly prize such a gift from Nature.

Ever since the Biblical Eve took a bite from an apple the tree has been seen as symbolic of choice. Apple trees are also associated with the Otherworld, where they are said to grow in abundance. Avalon, the Isle of Apples, is another name for the Otherworld and when we chose to leave this world and travel to the Otherworld it is to Avalon, the Summerland we sail to.

With such mystical associations it is no surprise that we also associate Apple with deep vision, physical healing and cleansing, and what could be more spiritually uplifting than to walk amongst a large orchard of scented blossoming apple trees, and bees industriously collecting pollen to make honey. The parasitic Mistletoe plant also grows well on apple trees and partly for this reason both host and parasite are seen as fertility symbols.

Pulling the Apple card could indicate that there is, will be, or has been a choice for you to make, by focusing on the energy of Apple the choice will aid you towards a decision. Also it could mean that you are in need of some sort of restorative healing. If that is so Apple can aid you and clear a path so that your inner strength and healing energies will be restored. Apple has a gentle sympathetic energy but if over-used will drain its, and your own, energy and only with time and patience will you be able to use Apple again effectively.

This article © Copyright Rick M Carr/Witcherman 2010-2014
Not to be used or reproduced without permission from the Author

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